Tuesday, 27 January 2015

Royal Tunbridge Wells’s property market has outperformed Chislehurst’s by over 49%

Within Kent we have many towns and areas that make up our fine County, from the up market posh areas of the Sevenoaks, Chislehurst and Cranbrook all the way to the working class non nonsense areas of Chatham, Ramsgate and Sheerness.  In fact I have a few landlords from Chislehurst, one in particular who has a decent portfolio of buy to let property in Chislehurst, Royal Tunbridge Wells and other parts of West Kent. 

Chislehurst is an affluent town on the outskirts of Kent and is popular because of its’ local private schools, great choice of properties and fast links to London but with all the flexibility of living in the countryside.  Chislehurst offers a comprehensive of upmarket shopping facilities and  all of these factors make the average value of a property in Chislehurst around £650,600.

Our town of Royal Tunbridge Wells has an excellent choice of shops, banks and restaurants, but not in the same league as Chislehurst’s. Our town offers excellent rail and road links and there is a good choice of schooling within the area, including the excellent Claremont, St James & St Peter’s and St John’s Schools.  All these factors make the average value of a property in Royal Tunbridge Wells around £413,200.

In the last 12 months, the average value of a property in Chislehurst and Royal Tunbridge Wells has risen in both places by roughly the same amount (Chislehurst £42,200 and Royal Tunbridge Wells £38,800). However, that doesn’t tell the whole story, because average property values are much lower in Royal Tunbridge Wells. As a percentage, values in Chislehurst have increased by a modest 6.9%, but in Royal Tunbridge Wells they have increased by nearly half as much again, (in fact 49% proportionally more) at 10.3%. It shows that Royal Tunbridge Wells is a town that people want to invest in.

By keeping an eye on the local market, I am able to judge if a property is good value to buy for a landlord. I give this advice and opinion at no charge to anyone who asks, be they an existing landlord of ours or indeed another agent. I will also give it to anyone considering becoming a buy to let landlord for the first time. I do not charge for this service, because if I offer you an honest and straight forward opinion, you may consider using me to manage your property. However, I must stress there is no obligation to do so. Feel free to pop your head through our door on Vale Road in Royal Tunbridge Wells to chat about the ups and downs of the property market in Royal Tunbridge Wells.

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